The BEST Monthly Wellness Box Money Can Buy

My most favorite thing to do each month, is to load up my monthly wellness box! 

I have been working hard to make sure our household has ditched products that have harmful chemicals.  And each month, my box is filled with stuff to clean with, supplements, bath and body products, snacks, super antioxidant juice, and of course, essential oils.  

If you know me, you know that I'm pretty "frugal".  So, it may seem strange to some that I'd spend at least $100/month (more likely around $300) on a box of goodness each month.  

Let's step back and break it down. 

How much do you spend at the grocery store on the above items.  Household cleaning supplies, laundry soap, diswashing soap, hand soap (ALL the soap! haha)... things like toothpaste, facewash & moisturizer, makeup, shampoo & conditioner, body wash, granola bars & nutrient dense shakes, juice... and anything that makes your house smell good.  (And there's definitely more!)

I'm constantly learning new ways to use our everyday products and essential oils that cuts another thing out of my monthly "big box store budget"!

I made this super special video explaining all my favorite parts, as well as the unboxing of one of my monthly orders.  

Still not sure about this whole thing?

Let's get specific!

My monthly wellness box, or "Essential Rewards" as it is so lovingly called, is FILLED with perks!

  1. You start off with a 24% Wholesale Membership ~ SCORE!
  2. You get to pick what you actually want!  It's not a subscription box someone else curates, you pick what you need most!
  3. Flexible processing date ~ change the date of your order (every month if you want to, LOL).
  4. Immediate "cash back" to use for FREE PRODUCT!
    1. Months 1-3, you earn 10%
    2. Months 4-24, you earn 20%
    3. Months 25+, you earn 25% 
    4. That adds up QUICK!
  5. Discounted shipping!  And we even have YL Go, which reminds me of Amazon Prime's awesome service.  Expedited discount shipping ~ YES PLEASE! 
  6. Gifts!  Who doesn't love gifts?!  At months 3, 6, 9, and 12 you get a free oil, and every 12 months after! 
  7. Exclusive monthly promos!  So, if you're planning on ordering anyhow, you get to cash in on different promos each month!  I'm writing this in December, 2019 ~ and there's promos that go up to $350.93 in value that I'm about to get for FREE!  What?!
  8. You can start and stop on your own terms.  There is no commitment, so give it a shot and see how you like it! 
If you want all the specifics and FAQs to search through, please check out Young Living's section on Essential Rewards HERE. And you can always reach out to me with questions, any time!  

Signing up is easy peasy!  Just login to your virtual office, and click "Essential Rewards" on the menu.  Just follow the prompts, fill your cart, and save your order, and you'll be all set!  We can also walk through it together if you want. :)