Bug Off Spray ~ Without the Harmful Chemicals 

Summer is upon us...& so are the BUGS… #amiright?!

No one likes those creepy crawlers, so I’m here to share my favorite ways to be rid of them!

The easiest way, of course, is to snag a bottle of pre-made insect repellant.  

Not all insect repellant is created equal… especially if you’re going for a hippie-friendly, DEET-free option.  Young Living has NAILED the recipe, and I LOVE it!

They have it in a bottle, check it out HERE.

Or in wipes,
check those out HERE.

The formula is a bit oily (remember skin so soft??… kinda like that).  An easy way to make it super portable, is to fill a 10ml glass roller bottle and toss it in your purse, pocket, beach bag, or backpack.  That way, you’re always prepared.  

Feeling like a mixologist?  Make your own! 

I started using Young Living’s essential oils in September 2013 while we were living in Homer, Alaska.  Now, if you’ve been a bit inland in Alaska, you know the mosquitos get HUGE.  The hubby and I did a “Pepsi challenge” of bug sprays, my homemade vs. his poison, and let me proudly say… I WON!!!

You can use a combination of oils, steal random recipes off of an internet search, and still be better off than using harmful chemicals on your bare skin.  

Here’s my first tried & true recipe that I still love today:

And the best option yet - Use your homemade concoction + YL’s premed insect repellant - You won’t be sorry about that winning combo!

Check out our Just a Tip Tuesday, on how I use this goodness to keep ALL the bugs away!

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