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Books, Books, & More Books
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A book that leaves you feeling good about the world
Every woman should have this in her library

Anything Louise Hay is amazing

...so many books, so little time...

The book that started my quest for non-toxic living
Seriously, this book is a game changer for emotional healing
Oh Christiane Northrup, what a breath of fresh air
And Rebecca Campbell, is a bright shining light to the whole world
This book is amazing!
#GameChanger on how we really see "healing"
A great perspective from the people who find the drugs we know so well
An amazing read!
More into the innovation of our world of drugs
Lyme is a crazy road to travel ~ this is a whole new perspective
We need to own our inner bad-assery!
We all have a story to tell
If you're going to work on feeling good ~ you might as well smell good doing it! 
Emotional healing + essential oils = amazing results
This book covers all the things!

Chemistry class, anyone?

Mindset Matters...


I loved listening to the audible version of the Outlander series!