...a few of my favorite things...

What's More Important Than Clean Drinking Water??

This is something we've used daily in our home since 2014. 

If you want to know the specifics of what the Berkey filters out? 
Check this article out.

And if you want more info on how safe your tap water is ~ go here.

Fiestaware is my Favorite!

Did you know I have a healthy obsession with dishes?? 

It's true... I love my Fiestaware! 

Need some bright colors in your life?

Who Doesn't Love A Big-Kid Sippy Cup?!

You won't find me walking out my front door without a Tervis Tumbler in my hand. 

I got so excited when I saw the Fiestaware patterns! #MyFavoriteDishesEVER

Do you take a drink everywhere you go?

Food Always Tastes Better Outside, amiright?!

Cooking and eating outside isn't just for summer in our house.

This is the beauty that's on our deck.  We love our Weber! 

Books, Books, & More Books!

I have a LOT of favorites on my bookshelf...